2019 Field Conditions Update

Written By Lavender Pond Farm - June 04 2019


Patricia Lauro
June 11 2019

So sorry but its nature

June 11 2019

We will visit again soon in support of LPF. The best is yet to come… thank you for the detailed update. Sending good thoughts to all💜

Bonnie Plante
June 11 2019

We lost all three of our lavender plants here at home, and thought it was just us. We did blame it on the winter and wet spring, but still thought we did something wrong. I can’t imagine how you must feel losing so much more. We will still visit and support you as much as we can, and maybe in the future it will just be a story we all tell by starting it with ‘Picture This – CT, 2019 ….. ‘ 😉💜💜💜💜

Barbara Rayel
June 11 2019

So sorry for your challenging start to the growing year. Being an avid gardener I share your pain. I appreciate your positivity. Best wishes and see you soon.

Michelle R
June 11 2019

Good luck and best wishes for the summer and next season! We visited on vacation last year (from NYC) and now order your products (especially to gift) regularly. We can’t make it to the farm this year but always warmly recommend you to folks traveling your way!

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