SpaMister Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser

$ 50.00 

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This aromatherapy diffuser is a work of art. Its Milk Glass Design adds a stylish look while dispersing, calming essential oils into the air. The Milk Glass has a smooth glass blown white design to compliment any decor. It enhances the style of a great room, bedroom, office or at home spa.

The SpaMister utilizes 60 Hz ultrasonic action to produce negative ions that help purify the air while diffusing essential oils into a beneficial mist.

The SpaMister can run for up to 4 hours and can cover 250 sq. ft. It is BPA Free as well. SpaMister is controlled by a simple push of a button and features two settings * 1 Hour timer and a 2 Hour timer.

Essential Oils have been shown to have a variety of effects throughout our lives. Diffusing Essential Oils gives you a way to delivery those oils into your system. Whether it is increasing relaxation, decreasing stress, or increasing focus - using the SpaMister to deliver those benefits can provide a whole room experience or allow you to direct the vapor closer to an individual.



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