2019 Field Conditions Update

Written By Lavender Pond Farm - June 04 2019


Joanna Oat Konicki
September 03 2019

You have our full support. We are planning a visit Monday. As our Mother is 93, just wondering if the Lanvender Train willbe running on Monday July 29?

Tamatha Green
July 17 2019

Just wanted to say I visited this past Tuesday July 9th. Your property is beautiful and as a fellow lavender grower I feel your pain. Keep doing what your doing. The world needs beautiful places to come recharge.
Warm regards,
Tamatha Green 💜

Pat Hanlon
July 17 2019

Such a beautiful calming place! So glad we found it!! Thanks for your hard work in maintaining such a great farm!!! Wishing you many fragrant and bountiful seasons to come!! Bought your sheep sleep lovey.So glad I did! I can sleep and dream of lavender fields. Thanks again for sharing your amazing lavender farm!

Sharon Capezzone
July 17 2019

Just made some purchases in your beautiful shop! I like to stock up on the insect repellent, I love it! And the teas, cold lavender drinks and aromatic pillows! Best wishes for less rain next season! I know it can be just as beautiful soon!!!

July 17 2019

Even with the loss of some of your lavender plants, your grounds were beautiful! My two year old daughter loved smelling the lavender and walking through the rows of plants. “Playing” chess was also rather fun for her! She’s definitely a big fan of your lavender lemonade! The whole family enjoyed your shop, we stocked up on your lotions and lipbalm! We will definitely be returning on our next trip to CT!
Thank you for a fun & beautiful day in Killingworth !

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