Ode to Lavender Hydrosol


Ode to Lavender Hydrosol


Establishing Lavender Pond Farm has been a wonderful learning experience for our family. Eighteen months ago we literally had a blank palette to express our vision for “a more beautiful place.” While definitely still a work in progress, we’re really happy with how far we’ve come, not just in how our farm looks, but also the quality of products we carry in our store. Rest assured that every product we sell, whether it’s made by us, or by one of our organic partners, is the very best we can provide.

One of our top sellers has been our Lavender Hydrosol. It’s a personal favorite of ours and we use it for just about everything. As a linen spray, glass and countertop cleaner, air freshener, to wash fruit, you name it. It’s really our go to universal lavender spray.

Making the hydrosol is also pretty awesome. Hydrosol is produced during the distillation of the lavender plant material to create essential oil. As part of the steam distillation process, the “essence” of the plant is extracted and you’re left with a mixture of lavender oil and water. If you think of a bottle of Italian salad dressing before you shake it, it’s very similar. The oil is on top and the water below. Typically distillers will extract the oil and then bottle the remaining water for sale as hydrosol.

As we ramp up our distilling operation (a story for another blog post), we’ve been partnering with other organic lavender farms to make hydrosol and essential oil available to our customers. While, we’ve been OK with our existing hydrosol vendor, we felt we could do better. Therefore, we are very pleased to announce we have a brand new hydrosol available for sale immediately. We think you’ll love it. The new hydrosol has much more of a lavender scent and is certified organic (though we can’t put that on our bottles until our farm is certified). This distiller leaves more of the essential oil behind in the hydrosol and it really makes a difference. Rather than distilling for oil and creating hydrosol as an afterthought, our new organic partner distills hydrosol by design. It’s a minor point, but makes a tremendous difference in the output.

So, if you haven’t yet tried our hydrosol or have run out, we’d love for you to give it a try. It’s available now in our farm store and online. We think you’ll really like it.

By Lavender Pond Farm