Lavender Loo Toilet Spray

Lavender Loo Toilet Spray

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After months of testing and research (kind of gross, but true), Lavender Pond Farm is proud to announce Lavender Loo, all-natural toilet spray.  Just spray into the toilet before you go and all-natural essential oils traps odors in the bowl rather than just masking them in the air. No nasty chemicals or synthetics, only the purest stink fighting ingredients. Available in an 8oz "family size" and convenient 2oz travel bottle perfect for your purse and those on the go moments. 

How To Use
Shake well before each use. Spritz 3-4 pumps directly into toilet bowl BEFORE you go.

Purified water, Lavender essential oil,natural cedarwood, eucalyptus and citronella oils, saponified organic coconut, olive and jojoba oils, organic guar gum, vegetable glycerin, organic aloe, natural rosemary extract.