Why Lavender?


Why Lavender?


Why a Lavender farm?

By far the question we are most often asked. While we usually respond jokingly that pigs were too much work, the answer is actually quite simple. The real beauty of lavender is not just the amazing scent nor the dazzling flower, but the variety of ways that it can be utilized. You've heard the expression, "the whole cow" - whereby all parts of livestock are used in some form or another? Well lavender is very similar in that at Lavender Pond Farm it is our goal to not only grow gorgeous lavender, but to fully and efficiently utilize all elements of this glorious plant.

Lavender is Beautiful

When we designed our beds, aesthetics were front of mind. We wanted to create "fields of swaying purple" to dramatically and positively impact the local landscape. In bloom, there are fewer things in nature prettier than lavender fields. At Lavender Pond Farm you will be able to not only walk amongst our nearly 9000 plants, but as they grow and mature, pick your own lavender to bring a piece of our farm home with you.

Lavender Plants for Sale

As a lavender farm it only makes sense that we would sell lavender plants. While lavender can be a tricky plant to establish, we (and you) are fortunate that lavender can grow and thrive in our area's less than ideal soil conditions. Once rooted, it does not require frequent watering. Moreover, lavender is deer resistant, a fact that we can attest to based on the herd we find regularly visiting our farm. They look, but they don't touch. At Lavender Pond Farm you will be able to buy potted plants from our farm store and try your hand at growing lavender.

Distilling Lavender for Essential Oils and Hydrosols

Lavender that has been harvested has only begun its journey. Unlike other flowering plants, lavender can "live on" in a variety of forms. One of the most sought after is the distillation of the lavender into an essential oil. Future blog posts will cover the multitude of uses and benefits of lavender essential oil, but suffice to say it is a highly regarded and sought after all natural elixir.

Lavender Soaps, Lotions and Shower Gels

Essential oils of lavender are also infused in a variety of bath and body products. At Lavender Pond Farm we carry a complete line of all-natural lavender soaps, shower gels, and lavender hydrosol. Make sure you try our hand and body lotion and lavender lip balm. Delicious!

Lavender for Dogs

One of the surprising benefits we learned was how beneficial lavender could be to our four legged friends. While not recommended for cats, lavender can be a dog owner's best friend. Be it an aromatic insert for their dog bed, or an all natural shampoo to brighten their coat and help repel flea and ticks. Lavender can help ensure a healthy and happy pup. Just ask Flora!

Lavender Bundles, Wreaths and Baskets

Once harvested, lavender bunches can brighten up any home. They make gorgeous arrangements, need no water and once dried can literally last for years. Fresh lavender can be crafted into wreaths, lavender wands and even baskets. Lavender is truly a crafters delight.

Lavender Pillows and Sachets

After the bloom and harvest, the lavender "spikes" not used for lavender bundles or other crafts are de-budded. This process separates the buds or flowers from the stems. While the stems can live on as lavender wands and aromatic lavender fire starters, the cultivated lavender flowers are used to make decorative pillows and lavender sachets. Not only do they look and smell divine, but they also can help keep your personal area fresh (cars, drawers, and even kids hockey bags!) and act as a natural moth repellant in those musty areas. We love them and think you will too.

Lavender for Cooking

Lavender Tea, Lavender Lemonade, Lavender Scones. There really is no limit to the culinary uses for lavender. While we can't claim organic (yet), we can assure you that the lavender you buy from us has not been treated with any pesticides or other junk and will encourage you to create your own lavender-licious delights. We're big fans of lavender pancakes!

Lavender and Bees

Bees and lavender go together like, well like bees and lavender. Not only do honey bees help pollenate our plants, but the lavender returns the favor giving the bees a tremendous supply of nectar to ensure happy and healthy colonies of honey bees. So happy that they may even be willing to share some of their fabulous lavender honey with us.

So now you know, why lavender. It was really an obvious choice for us and we hope you are able to enjoy the flowers of our labors for many years to come.

See you on the farm.

By Lavender Pond Farm