A Covered Bridge Comes to Lavender Pond Farm

Written By Lavender Pond Farm - June 03 2018


Diane Phillips
March 16 2019

We came to see your place for the first time Saturday. It was so beautiful.We purchase the bug spray and essential oil and the first after.We will be returning and spreading the word.

Linda J Gaudet
June 08 2018

I absolutely love covered bridges. I have visited many in different states. I will have to see yours this year.

Christina Kostek
June 08 2018

You keep outdoing yourselves! Bravo! I’m Always so excited to visit, and keep my Essential Lavender oil obsession going. Thanks to you guys I’m officially a Lavender snob. Your Honey Lavender soap is my other must have at home, and I always have the hand sanitizer in my purse and at my work. You’ll see me soon to stock up on Lavender Lemonade. #killingworthlavenderisbest

Jodi Angus
June 04 2018

You’ve come a long way since that first year. So happy to say I’ve seen all the changes, Including the bride after that first wedding. What a wonderful destination for Connecticut visitors. May all your remaining dreams come to fruition. Luv ya Jodi

Phyllis Pekarovic
June 04 2018

I love your farm it’s a beautiful place 👌🏼 I’m just really disappointed that the two lavender plants that I brought died over the winter ☹️

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