Celebrating Breast Cancer Survivors at Lavender Pond Farm

Written By Lavender Pond Farm - September 30 2018


Doreen Lee Sherman
December 25 2018

I plan on stopping by tomorrow.. i have breast cancer and was wondering if there are any breast cancer items left to purchase…

Jeannette Reisert
December 25 2018

Great fund raiser

Linda A Robtoy
March 16 2019

I am a SURVIVOR ! / I will try to come up there this weekend ! I live on Sheldon Rd in the Mobile Home Park !

December 25 2018

I love this!!!!! My family has had to much cancer with some good outcomes and others who have passed away. Thank you for doing this and donating the money. I pray someday there will be a cure and no one has to deal with this💞💞🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀

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