COVID-19 Update - July 2020


COVID-19 Update - July 2020


** A Message from the Owners of LPF **

Dear Friends,

As we enter our busy bloom season, we wanted to let you know exactly how LPF has been managing the crowds in the times of COVID. The weather has been spectacular and the lavender has responded with some of the best blooms in recent years; so we wanted to communicate exactly what we are doing to ensure a safe and enjoyable visit to our farm.

First, All employees are wearing masks. There are no samples available for testing in the shoppe and surfaces are being regularly sanitized. We are requiring masks in our shoppe and an attendant is stationed at the entrance to manage the number of patrons shopping. We have installed social distancing tape outside and inside the shoppe to manage the queue and we have moved our cash registers to a tent outside. There is now a natural flow through the shoppe and to checkout. The last couple days were very busy here, yet we feel it was a very safe and efficient process.

We are enforcing social distancing in our fields. While masks are recommended but not required in our fields, we do ask everyone to maintain a six foot separation and signs are posted indicating such. So far that has been going very well and we appreciate everyone doing their part.

Last, the train is now “family only.” Basically you can only ride the train with those you came to the farm with and they are booked on a first come, first serve basis. The train is sanitized after each trip. We get that it’s frustrating, but it’s the best we could come up with.

The last couple of very busy days have afforded us the opportunity to evaluate our approach and we are confident in saying that we are doing everything possible to provide a safe and dare we say pleasant experience.

We’d like to thank everyone for their support and for their patience as they stand in line to shoppe. Since we do not charge admission, retail sales are the only way for us to subsidize the growth of Lavender Pond Farm.

See you soon!
Chris & Denise

By Denise Salafia