Crafting Lavender

Crafting Lavender

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Harvested from our lavender fields and free from any harmful chemicals or other junk, Lavender Pond Farm dried lavender flowers are perfect for your crafting and home decorating projects. As Lavender is a natural sleep aid and pest deterrent, you can be very creative in using our dried lavender buds.

Here's just a few ideas:

  • in a dish as potpourri in your foyer
  • make into a sachet with an organza bag and place in your drawer or pack away with your seasonal clothes
  • placed inside a pillow case as a natural sleep aid
  • as wedding confetti (way better than rice!)

Net weight: .5 lbs. (approx. 7 cups).

Not for culinary use. The lavender is a mix of french and english varieities and may contain small pieces of stem and other plant matter (though we do our best to strain it away). If you want to cook with lavender (it's yummy), please buy this instead.